About Sonia and Theophany


A beautiful young woman named Sonia Daly, inspired by her own high school experience, had a dream that one day, Orthodox Christian children in the Boston area would benefit from a strong academic and spiritual education founded in the teachings of the Orthodox Christian Church.

Just barely 18 years old, but with enough determination to light the world on fire, Sonia set out to make this dream a reality. She gathered up Orthodox faithful from around the region and started the Theophany School, which opened its doors to 17 beautiful children in September, 1997.


Sonia’s dedication to her Church and her unwavering faith are what guided the School as it grew. Sadly, our dear friend Sonia passed away in early 2008 at age 32. We wish to continue her mission by picking up the torch that she carried so faithfully, and to build on her dreams for Theophany School.

For more information about Theophany School, visit theophanyschool.org